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Our consultants have been placing Partners in private practice for many years and are highly experienced in the nuances of lateral hiring. Our methodology is as follows:

We will initially endeavour to meet you face to face and will travel to wherever is convenient for you for this preliminary discussion which will of course be dealt with highly discretely and in the strictest of confidence. At this meeting we will ask you about your background, your practice area, any industry sector focusses and a little bit about the financials of your practice. Once we have this information we will be able to build up a picture of the best fit Firms for you and your practice. We will discuss realistic target firms and inform you what they are likely to offer you in terms of salary or profit share.

In Meeting

We will, jointly with you, prepare some written documentation be it a formal CV or a more informal profile that we will keep on record and ONLY share with interested parties once we have your written permission to do so. We have huge expertise in preparing such documents and know exactly what to include, what not to include and exactly how to lay them out.

Once we have secured you a meeting(s) with our clients, we will ensure that you are fully prepped so that you are given the best opportunity to shine and to display the attributes that any hiring law Firm would want to see. There are countless hidden pitfalls at any interview that many will succumb to, we know all of the do’s and don’ts and can advise you accordingly before any such interview.

Job Interview
Business Meeting

We can assist you on any business plan (we have seen and assisted individuals on many!) that you may be asked to prepare towards the latter stages of a process. Some of these can be quite lengthy and onerous so let us help you by offering advice on the most important facts for you to include and any areas that need less information.

We can fully brief you on potential salary or profit share and what is a realistic and an unrealistic amount to expect, although on the whole this will have been touched on at a much earlier stage in proceedings to ensure that both parties thoughts are aligned as they go through the process so as not to waste anyone’s time.

Fountain Pen

Once an offer has been made an accepted we will continue to offer you our full support and assistance. We know that handing in one’s notice can be a daunting experience, we will guide you every step of the way, from advising you on your covenants, to discussing your referees to answering any other questions you may have.

​It is extremely rare for us not to find an appropriate home for those we work with, and a vast majority of Partners that we have placed have still been at the same Firm 3 years later.

Team Moves
Team Moves

We regularly handle moves of more than one individual, be this involving multiple Partners, one Partner and one or more Associates or moves involving fee-earners and their support staff. The principle is very much the same, we go out of our way to meet every party to the move and will ensure that any prospective target Firm is the best fit for everyone concerned. We are expertly placed to advise you on your restrictive covenants and non-solicitation clauses should you be looking to move with others from your team.


In recent years we have assisted various Firms who are looking either to join forces with larger organisations, looking to bolt-on smaller Firms or teams to their current offering or looking to open offices in new locations, both domestically and abroad. We have a strong track record in such transactions and would be pleased to assist you should you be considering such options.

Associates & Senior Associates
Associates & Senior Associates

Our Consultants have assisted in the placing of countless Associates and are fully briefed on the pay scales of the top 200 Firms, so should you be unsure of whether you are earning the market rate for the type of Firm that you are at, we would be happy to advise you. We also have a particular speciality in placing Senior Associates or Of Counsel, straight into the Partnership at other Firms. This is because we have built up a strong understanding of those Firms that are willing to offer Partner positions to those of a lower PQE level and we have built strong relationships with such Firms who often ask us to furnish them with details of talented non-Partners who are looking to break through. Likewise, we are well-aware of certain Firms where the wait for Partnership can be a lengthy one. Should you want to discuss such matters please get in touch.

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